Defining the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for Under-25’s in Africa

On 15 April 2019, educators, investors, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders from across Africa gathered for the inaugural Very Young Entrepreneur Education & Acceleration Summit in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The 1-day conference is a new initiative from the Anzisha Prize and made possible by Mastercard Foundation.

  • Everyone agrees that entrepreneurship can drive job creation, but if there aren’t enough jobs to start with, what does the transition from a high school and university directly into entrepreneurship look like?
  • What kind of experience, skills and support are required to be successful at a very young age?
  • How do we encourage the most talented of our young people to pursue this path rather than other careers?

This ground-breaking event explored excellence in entrepreneurship education and celebrates approaches to supporting very young African entrepreneurs (15 to 25-year-olds).

This year’s THEME – “AGE MATTERS” was carried throughout the day, exploring why AGE MATTERS when investing, parenting, teaching and accelerating very young entrepreneurs.

A packed schedule allowed anyone interested in the education, start-up or enterprise development sectors to gain perspectives from those who are on the ground doing this important work to transform our economies.

Many of these speakers were also nominees for the 2019 Anzisha Prize Supporters Awards – which were presented at the Summit – recognizing their significant support for VERY YOUNG entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in Africa over the past year.

Defining the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for Under-25’s in Africa
Defining the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for Under-25’s in Africa
Defining the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for Under-25’s in Africa
Defining the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for Under-25’s in Africa

The impressive line-up of panelists included:

New resources, innovations and tools were also launched:

  • The Anzisha Scenarios. What does Africa look like in the future if young Africans of high potential choose entrepreneurship as a career. Download the Green paper.
  • AllXS EcoSim – A safe, cashless economy platform for school and university entrepreneurship programs
  • Parenting the Boss – A guide to raising and supporting young African entrepreneurs for parents, by parents.
  • The Very Young Entrepreneurs Fund – A new USD $500k matching fund concept for graduates of entrepreneur education institutions.
  • E-book Series Launch: How to Kickstart an Entrepreneurship-as-Learning Economy in Schools
  • Young Entrepreneurs Supporters Awards – Celebrating the game changers in the very young entrepreneurs’ ecosystem

It is our hope that this will become a premier gathering and platform for parents, teachers, investors and policy-makers defining the entrepreneurship ecosystem for under-25’s in Africa.

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