ALAMAU 2022 – Propelling Vision Toward Action

The African Leadership Academy Model African Union (ALAMAU) was established in 2013 as a platform for young leaders to develop implementable solutions to African challenges through a format inspired by the Model United Nations and the African Union.

This year’s ALAMAU2022 theme is 20 Years of the AU: Propelling Vision Toward Action – a topic motivated by the twentieth birthday of the African Union.

Okuhle Qasana ’20, ALAMAU Deputy Chairperson

Okuhle Qasana ’20, ALAMAU Deputy Chairperson

“The African Leadership Academy Model African Union (ALAMAU) celebrates the significant role that the African Union (AU) has played in the pursuit of peace and prosperity on our continent in the past twenty years,” shares ALAMAU’s Deputy Chairperson Okuhle Qasana ’20.

“Our conference theme seeks to reaffirm our commitment to the existing Agenda 2063 vision. We recognise the challenges that the continent faces, particularly that of Covid-19, which has brought new as well as exacerbated existing challenges. As we move towards recovery, we seek to take decisive action towards the tangible realisation of our vision.”

Qasana ’20 emphasizes on how much more still needs to be done, “Even though great efforts are being made to “promote peace, security, and stability on the continent,” violence continues to be perpetuated in times of elections (African Union). For example, the 2021 elections that sparked conflict in Uganda saw much aggression among citizens and authorities. As such, how can we move towards a safer and more practical democracy for Africa that respects and enshrines human rights?”, she says.

ALAMAU gives participants the platform to not only actively engage with peers from around the continent in birthing new collective pan-African dynamics, but to also challenge presumptions about leadership and governance with the goal of creating a more inclusive and engaging interface for African youth in the years to come.

Delegates will have the opportunity to strengthen their research, public speaking, strategic thinking, and other skills.

“During four days, delegates will engage in thoughtful discussions and unpack the most challenging questions facing Africa. Through rigorous committee sessions, they can expect to go beyond their comfort zone to collaborate, negotiate, and debate to finally draft resolutions and create action plans that will strengthen their resolutions,” says ALAMAU’s Chairperson, Adayé Sosthène Yvan N’guettia ‘20.

Adayé Sosthène Yvan N’guettia ‘20, ALAMAU Chairperson

N’guettia recollects how he joined the team, “My interest in International Relations started not long ago with the last political clashes that my country dove into. I witnessed so much violence and bloodshed, yet, I felt I couldn’t do anything. My journey here at ALA allowed me to discover a passion for diplomacy and politics, and joining the International Relations class empowered me to take concrete actions to bring change. No one, not even me, could anticipate that after being a delegate and then the Deputy Chairperson of the Pan African Parliament, I would end up as the Chairperson of the 2022 conference. I am driven by the desire to share what I have learned with young people, who like me, are passionate about debating, and want to play their part in Africa’s progress.”

We look forward to welcoming you virtually to ALAMAU’s ninth session as we continue to identify solutions to challenges facing the continent, forging strong and long-lasting relationships, and bringing together driven youth from across Africa and beyond.

Book as a school group or individual participant for the online conference on 23 – 27 March 2022.


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