Welcoming Excellence: Meet ALA’s Class of 2023

We’re thrilled to introduce some remarkable members of the ALA Class of 2023. This class consists of 125 young people from 34 countries. They bring their boundless enthusiasm and limitless potential to a community of over 1,500 ALA students and alumni, all working together to shape the future. 

Yacine Adbelmalek Benhennour (Algeria) 

Fields of Interest: STEM, Health  

From the heart of Algeria, Yacine is a young mathematician and astronomy enthusiast on a mission. When the world faced the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yacine took decisive action. He created a website that helped people locate life-saving oxygen tanks, becoming a beacon of hope during a global crisis. Yacine’s journey didn’t stop there. In 2020, he launched an astronomy club, ASA BLIDA, igniting a passion for space exploration in over 100 young minds. Together, they’ve built a vibrant astronomy community across Algeria, competing in events like the ‘Astronomy Olympics.’ 

Aya Krikech (Morocco) 

Fields of Interest: Engineering, ICT  

Aya Krikech is an entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for change. She introduced us to TechnoBin, a smart waste bin that leverages hardware and software to sort trash efficiently. In addition, Aya is one driving force behind CODA (Club d’Orientation, de Développement et d’Apprentissage), an initiative she fostered to guide future leaders and enhance the African human capital. 

Sumaiya Esinam Bangura (United Kingdom)  

Fields of Interest: Creative Industries, AI, Human Rights, Social Welfare  

Sumaiya’s leadership journey began with her appointment as the Chair of the London Youth Assembly at the age of 14. Her dedication to education and youth development led to a groundbreaking report on the impact of COVID-19 on education. Sumaiya’s humility, eloquence, and boundless ambition shine through being recognised as a Rise Global Winner and a driving force behind her school’s African-Caribbean Society. 

Tsion Moges Gebresilassie (Ethiopia)  

Fields of Interest: ICT, STEM 

Tsion is on a mission to revolutionize farming through technology. She’s developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered farming robot, armed with sensors that monitor everything from soil moisture to weather patterns. Tsion’s innovation earned her recognition in national science and engineering competitions. Her partnership with “OMISTHU-JOY” in employing AI for plant disease detection is reshaping the agricultural industry. Not stopping there, Tsion envisions a solution to global warming—covering the Sahara with solar panels. 

Tatenda Shamiso Mazambani (Zimbabwe)  

Fields of Interest: Science and Technology, Health, ICT  

Tatenda is the founder of the Regional STEAM Expo (RSE), a platform where young inventors find support and opportunities. Together with a friend, she created a device that regulates blood pressure through acupressure. Her dedication shines through her academic excellence and her commitment to improving healthcare and technology.

Abdoul-Walid Adamou Dourfaye Tinni (Niger) 

Fields of Interest: Transportation & Logistics, Agribusiness, Science and Technology, Water & Sanitation  

Abdoul-Walid worked with classmates to start a club to clean up his neighborhood. Motivated, organized, ambitious, he has directed oratory and diverse activities and scientific research at the high school. Abdoul-Walid was selected as junior parliamentary of his region in 2022 and gained entrepreneurial skills. He was then elected general secretary of the leaders’ group of his school. In the future, he hopes to play a role in the agricultural sector by supporting farmers to improve their methods and increase their yields to a better level of sustainability.  

These are just a few of the exceptional students that make up ALA’s Class of 2023. Their stories are a testament to the bright future they are crafting for Africa and the world.

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