The Student Enterprise Program: Leadership in Practice

The Entrepreneurial Leadership program at ALA is designed to build the interpersonal and leadership skills that are essential for future agents of positive change. Through this flagship program, students develop the mindset, approach, and skills necessary to be entrepreneurial leaders on the African continent and beyond.

Our education philosophy ensures students have authentic opportunities to practice what they are learning outside of the classroom. One of our flagship programs that enables students to develop and practice entrepreneurial skills is the Student Enterprise Program – a year-long simulation where students form/join profit or non-profit enterprises that run within a simulated, cashless economy on ALA’s campus.

Currently, there are 20 student enterprises active on the ALA campus. Learn more about two of these Student Enterprises below.

African Leadership Consulting Group (ALCG)

This enterprise aims to become recognized as the premier provider of excellent qualitative and quantitative business consultation services across the African continent by providing outstanding consultation to SMEs to accelerate their growth, and in the process, thoroughly expanding the knowledge between the consultants


Riyadha aims to improve the representation of athletes on the African continent. This enterprise works with the Sports Department to coordinate recreational and competitive sports for the ALA community.

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