Aida Ndiaye

Head of Public Policy, Policy Campaigns and Programs, Meta


Aida Ndiaye is an international business leader with expertise in building and leading large-scale tech projects and driving organizational strategy at the intersection of tech and policy. Aida currently leads Meta’s policy campaign strategy on integrity issues in Europe. She builds projects that support governments to mitigate risks related to innovation and maximize the benefits of tech for society.

Before this role, Aida headed Meta’s misinformation programmes in EMEA during the Covid-19 pandemic. She built tech partnerships and campaigns that reached millions of people and supported governments in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe to deploy technology to respond to the pandemic. 

Aida pioneered Meta’s public policy strategy across 22 countries in Francophone Africa. She created initiatives to help African businesses unlock the opportunities of digitalization. She advised African governments on public sector reforms to support the growth of the digital economy. Before joining Meta (ex-Facebook), Aida worked at Dalberg Global Development Advisors, Unesco, IBM, and Google.

Aida holds a Bachelor of Arts and Science from Quest University Canada and a Master of Public Policy (with Distinction) from the University of Oxford.