Hayley van Zyl

Hospitality Manager

Hayley oversees catering, cleaning (including housekeeping), hygiene and pest control services on campus, as well as the management of logistics for all on-campus events.

Hayley manages companies contracted to ALA that provide catering, cleaning and housekeeping services accountable to contractual terms and conditions. She ensures value for money for services rendered. She is focused on ensuring the delivery of the highest level of excellence and works with the community to receive feedback. Hayley also oversees all logistical requirements for events on campus, collaborating with relevant teams to ensure the best possible support to event organisers.

Previously, Hayley worked at First National Bank for a year whilst attending a banking study program, after which she began her own business at the age of 19. She spent the next 21 years running a catering/event coordinating business before joining ALA in 2013.

Hayley is part of the Advisory program but also works closely with students to advise them on, and facilitate the planning of their events.