Nkembo Kiala

Entrepreneurial Leadership Faculty

Nkembo is an Entrepreneurial Leadership Facilitator enabling Year 1 and Year 2 students to understand how to practice effective leadership.

Nkembo is part of the team that teaches Entrepreneurial Leadership to both Year 1 and Year 2 students. This unique course pushes students to understand what effective leadership looks like. The concept contains two separate but critically interwoven ideas for developing ethical and effective leaders: leadership and entrepreneurial thinking.

Nkembo previously worked for the Centre of Entrepreneurial Leadership. He was tasked with training educators across Africa on how to make use of ALA’s BUILD model. Nkembo also assisted the Marketing team with developing country-specific landing pages. He also coordinated the delivery of over thirty BUILD -IN-A -BOX camps in over 10 different countries.

Nkembo is the Manager of the Student Enterprise Program. He lives on campus at ALA and is the Hallmaster for Titans Hall. Nkembo is an avid soccer fan and coaches the ALA boy’s soccer team. He also mentors seven amazing advisory students. When the Two-Year Diploma Program is not in session, Nkembo stays on campus to lead the coordination of over 30 BUILD-in-a-Box camps annually.