Cultivating Community During COVID-19

Our CEO, Chris Bradford shares that online school must be more than a collection of online courses. What makes a school great? I have long believed that the greatest educational institutions are intentional communities. They have clarity of mission and purpose, and define a culture and set of values that reinforce that purpose. Such schools foster the kind of society in their halls and classrooms that they hope their students will one day build beyond the campus.

Six Principles To Guide Our Network’s Response To The Pandemic

A letter from ALA’s CEO and co-founder, Chris Bradford on Covid-19.
Dear Friends,
Across Africa, school leaders have spent the past month considering how to best respond to the evolving challenges of the COVID pandemic. Rapid change and high uncertainty require all of us to lead with proactivity, honesty and conviction. As I have worked with the ALA team and engaged other education leaders across Africa, I have considered what heuristics might guide decision making in times like these. Over the past month, I have come to recognize six principles that should guide our work. I hope these principles and the associated questions might be helpful and relevant as you plan your community’s ongoing response to the challenges of the pandemic.