Seminal Readings

Seminal readings class at the African Leadership Academy

Seminal Readings at ALA: Building Leadership Through Critical Analysis

It’s a Friday afternoon on the ALA campus, and a small group of Year One students are sitting in a semi-circle, engaged in an intense, emotional debate. “I’ve worked for…


Between the Lines: The Agony and Ecstasy of Seminal Readings

  ‘One thing I like about Seminal Readings is how the conversations never end. Powerful and livid discussions within the classroom often continue outside, with people talking about it and…

ALA Young Leaders Exploring Influential Texts in Seminal Readings

From January 5th – 9th  , shortly after the return from the holiday break, our young leaders kicked off a new school term with a long-standing tradition of the Academy; Seminal Readings….

The Marketplace of Ideas

Seminal Readings is an Academy-wide reading and discussion exercise undertaken once in each of the three terms at ALA. It is a time the community (students and Staffulty) gathers to…