ALA Welcomes New Faculty Members

ALA Welcomes New Faculty Members

ALA is excited to welcome 15 new faculty members and add seven new nationalities to the ALA faculty! The new faculty members have over 60 years of combined teaching experience across Africa and around the world. The new teachers will strengthen the foundation built by our inaugural faculty as they work collectively to develop the next generation of African leaders.

The selectivity of ALA’s student admissions process is only rivalled by that of its faculty selection. Each faculty member is carefully vetted in an intense interview process that includes multiple interviews, academic background checks, and verification of personal and professional references. Once applicants have passed this initial stage, they are asked to teach a mock lesson during which a small number of students and two faculty members receive instruction from the potential teacher. This is followed by a final round of interviews after which, if successful, the teacher is welcomed to join the ALA faculty.

Each member of the ALA faculty is among the top teachers in their field. The new faculty join ALA from teaching positions in top institutions including Waterford Kamhlaba United World College in Swaziland, Loyala Jesuit College, the University of Ghana, Alliance High School in Kenya, SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College in Ghana.

Our new faculty members have a wide range of skills and experience that enhance the education we can offer to our students. For many, like Robert Bennin of Ghana, this includes experience in the private sector in addition to time spent in the field of education. This enables the faculty to give practical and relevant examples in class and better prepare students for the challenges that they will face once they leave ALA.

As our Inaugural class starts their final year at the Academy, students (and parents!) will start to think about and identify colleges and universities for their tertiary education. The ALA University Guidance Office is situated on campus and has three highly experienced staff members dedicated to advising and assisting students throughout their college application process. This includes helping to identify colleges, guiding students through the application process and providing support as they prepare to leave the Academy for their undergraduate studies.

The ALA Fellows program remains exceptionally competitive, attracting the brightest talent from leading international universities. This year, six new teaching fellows will join the teaching staff. The Math, African Studies, Arabic and Leadership Faculty will receive additional support from the new fellows, all of whom bring with them a passion for their respective areas of expertise and enthusiasm to impart their knowledge with the students. Click here to learn more about our faculty members.

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