ALA launches Africa Careers Network

ALA is proud to announce the official launch of the Africa Careers Network web portal!

Established in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, Africa Careers Network (ACN) connects outstanding young people from African Leadership Academy and The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program to career and internship opportunities across Africa.

The Careers and Internships Department at ALA developed this dynamic resource to make sure that students and alumni in the ALA network have everything they need to be successful in the working world. The portal allows ALA students and alumni, and MasterCard Foundation Scholars to search for internships in the sector or company of their choice and in all regions of Africa.

The Africa Careers Network portal includes a selection of internship opportunities as well as reports from former interns who have completed similar internships.  Young people in the network also have access to on going career guidance via an online Learning Center. The learning center offers valuable lessons on everything from dress code to formal email writing. In addition to the comprehensive list of internship opportunities and lessons offered, the Careers and Internships department plans to list exciting career opportunities on the African Continent in the Africa Careers Network web portal.

On a continent with so much potential for growth, Africa Careers Network seeks to facilitate economic and social development through Africa’s youth. It enables its network of well-educated, ethical and entrepreneurial-minded young people to go back to Africa, and give back to their communities through employment in public and private sectors. Africa Careers Network offers the resources to train students and alumni in the ALA network to be entrepreneurial leaders and professionals poised to offer the best talent to employers in Africa.

The Africa Careers Network is a resource available only to ALA students and alumni, and MasterCard Foundation Scholars. Click here to visit the new portal!

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