How ALA’s 6 Sector Communities Are Harnessing The Power of Networks

We have challenged ourselves these past years at ALA to harness the power that exists within the ALA Community. After engaging with ALA Alumni, friends of ALA and partner organisations,  we understood the catalytic opportunities that lie within building networked communities driven to address some of Africa’s greatest challenges.

We believe that intentional, organized groups of people can harness the power of networks to achieve greater impact in the work they do.

The Networks team at African Leadership Academy drives this work through 3 main offerings: University Support, Early Career Success and Sector Communities.

Sheila Agiti, Head of University Support

Sheila Agiti, Head of University Support

Ayado Ewinyuyado Ewinyu, Director of Early Career Success at ACN
Valerie Wiggett, Director of Sector Programs

Valerie Wiggett, Director of Sector Programs

Six sector communities provide an ecosystem that enables network members which include Alumni, thought-leaders, and captains of industry, to connect to each other, share ideas and collaborate on initiatives that drive impact in communities.

What are the sector communities?

AL for Agribusiness supports aspiring agripreneurs in their efforts to build innovative ventures that will drive productivity and job creation in their communities. The network will foster powerful and sustainable intergenerational relationships that will enable the exchange of information and know how to positively impact rural livelihoods.

AL for Education will develop a new generation of leaders who will work together to drive transformation in Africa’s education sector. We will enable connections between key players in education that will accelerate the career pathways of our young leaders into the education space. The Anzisha Education Accelerator will cultivate and support aspiring education entrepreneurs and will enable them to share resources, information, best practice and opportunities with each other in order to magnify their impact.

According to edupreneur and ALA graduate Ngor Majak Anyieth ’11 from South Sudan, the ALA network has been critical in supporting his current work. In 2018, he was accepted as an inaugural member of the Anzisha Education Accelerator (AEA). Through this program, Majak has learnt to build a leadership institution and foster an organisational culture that reinforces the school’s mission.

Learn more about Ngor Majak as part of African Leadership Academy’s Redefine Expectation series

AL for Governance network is developing a new generation of ethical public leaders who will work together to address the public leadership crisis in Africa. The network facilitates diverse career pathways for our young leaders into the governance sector, catalyses connections between members, and fosters powerful intergenerational mentorship relationships to drive lasting change.

Launched in 2018, the AL for Health is an ALA initiative that seeks to connect key players in African health. The  Network consists of ALA students and alumni, Mastercard Foundation scholars, as well as over 80 ALA partner organisations in the healthcare sector.

AL for Governance network is developing a new generation of ethical public leaders
Launched in 2018, the AL for Health is an ALA initiative that seeks to connect key players in African health

Healthcare professionals, public leaders, ALA alumni were amongst the participants who joined the inaugural ALforHealth Conference in 2019.

Guided by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, AL for Infrastructure’s mission is to enhance the participation of young leaders in finding innovative and technology-driven solutions towards sustainable infrastructure that will be resilient, promote inclusivity and minimise the impacts of climate change.

AL for The Arts AL for The Arts brings creative voices together and gives young leaders a chance to stamp their imprint on arts in Africa. The network is developing data and documenting stories of how art can be a force for development on the continent, through its envisioned shared success.

The ALA Creative Arts department is deconstructing and reimagining the concept of curation.
A 10-week program whose curriculum is stripping down the concept of curating

Sector Gatherings offer unique learning and networking opportunities for sector professionals, policymakers, leading experts and influencers who value innovation, youth empowerment, and business growth on the continent.

ALforGovernance is honoured to have esteemed Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as the keynote speaker at the upcoming Network Gathering.

Madam Sirleaf was elected President of the Republic of Liberia in 2005, two years after the nation’s civil war ended.  In 2017, former President Sirleaf was awarded the Mo Ibrahim Foundation Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. She was the first female recipient of this prestigious award.

Sector Gatherings offer unique learning and networking opportunities for sector professionals

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