US President Barack Obama recognizes ALA Founder and CEO, Fred Swaniker

The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, commended Fred Swaniker, the CEO and founder of African Leadership Academy, for his critical role in helping young Africans develop their leadership skills.

As part of President Obama’s three-nation Africa tour, President Obama participated in a Town Hall with the Young African Leaders Initiative at the University of Johannesburg- Soweto in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Young Leaders Initiative launched in 2010 by President Obama supports leadership development, promotes entrepreneurship, and connects the next generation of African leaders with one another and the United States. Fred Swaniker attended the Town Hall with a large group of ALA students and graduates, staff, and faculty.

Speaking at the Young African Leaders Initiative Town Hall in Johannesburg on June 29, 2013, President Obama personally recognized Fred Swaniker and thanked him for his great work.

A release from the United States Office of the Press Secretary, White House acknowledged the need for entrepreneurs like Swaniker to be empowered to do more.

In the words of President Obama: “We want to empower entrepreneurs like Fred Swaniker. Where’s Fred? He’s from Ghana. (Applause.) Where is he? There he is. … Fred helped to start a biotech company, and now uses his expertise to help other young Africans develop their leadership skills so that they can come back and put those skills to use serving their communities, starting businesses, creating jobs. So thank you, Fred, for the great work you’re doing.”

Two years after ALA was founded in 2010, Fred Swaniker was also selected as one of 115 young leaders to meet US President Barack Obama at the White House, in recognition of his work developing Africa’s future leaders.

We’re proud that the importance of our mission and impact continues to be widely recognized both nationally and internationally.

See the full remarks by President Obama here.Watch the Town Hall video here.

US President Barack Obama recognizes ALA Founder and CEO, Fred Swaniker

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