ALA Alumni Attend Professional Development ‘Baraza’ in New York

Eighty-One ALA graduates currently studying in the United States of America (USA) gathered in New York City from January 8th — 10th, 2015 for an annual professional development programme organized by African Leadership Foundation (ALF). The Baraza (Swahili word for intellectual gathering) was attended by young leaders from various graduating classes at ALA now spread out across different regions of the USA.

ALA Alumni Attend Professional Development 'Baraza' in New York

The three-day programme included several rounds of mock interviews, small-group career discussions, and a preview screening of the film ‘Timbuktu’, the first ever Oscar-nominated film from Mauritania.

Additionally, 50 external guests representing over 20 organizations played a significant role in the Baraza by leading workshops and interviews. Several ALA graduates also took the lead in planning programs, put together a networking practice session and participated in a panel about leadership on the African continent. Overall, the event was a great success, continuing to build on the relationships that our young leaders form on campus.  In the words of one ALA graduate: “Every alumni event that I have attended has allowed me to connect with some new people and connect with my classmates in a new way.”

We are very grateful to the many individuals and organizations who supported the Baraza and continue to support our young leaders in the United States and around the world.

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