ALA Hosts 2015 Regional Networking Cocktails and Indabas

In July 2015, ALA organized regional events in Lagos, Nigeria; Casablanca, Morocco; Nairobi, Kenya; and Johannesburg, South Africa to connect our multiple stakeholders in each region with our community of young leaders, and to showcase some of the recent progress at the Academy. Each event featured a panel conversation during which our graduates shared their perspectives on topical issues regarding the continent’s development and ALA’s role in enabling lasting peace and prosperity in Africa. We are delighted to have engaged with over 600 stakeholders at our various events.

ALA Hosts 2015 Regional Networking Cocktails and Indabas

Alongside these networking events, young leaders in the ALA network, as well as fellows of the Anzisha Prize, have been engaging in professional development activities at our annual regional reunions (Indaba) across the continent. For the first time ever, our Indabas have included Akwaanya Scholars and Anzisha Prize Fellows enabling networking among members of the broader ALA network.

Through the efforts of Africa Careers Network, our dedicated careers and internships department established in 2012, ALA has been able to place 609 young leaders into jobs and internships in 44 countries since inception. This year alone, 208 of our young leaders have been connected to internships while 47 others have been placed in jobs on the continent.Our graduates are returning to Africa to take on leadership roles in the public, private and non-profit sectors and to launch new ventures that will contribute to the rapid development of the continent. To date, more than 65% of our alumni who have graduated from university have returned to the continent, and we look forward to supporting them in the next phases of their leadership journeys.

If you would like to partner with us and engage an ALA young leader, please contact us by email to learn about how you or your organization can partner with Africa Careers Network.

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