Beyond Education Series Ignites Education Conversations in Six Cities

How does African Leadership Academy develop young leaders and prepare them to address some of the continent’s greatest challenges? What role can young changemakers from across Africa play in transforming education, healthcare, climate change, governance, infrastructure, urbanization, and job creation? The 2019 Beyond Education conferences engage around these questions and more with the theme of “Developing ChangemakersHow to Prepare the Next Generation for Careers of Impact.” These events bring together senior executives from African Leadership Academy, education leaders from around the world, and a cohort of young African changemakers under 30 to explore the future of education, leadership, and development in Africa.

Beyond Education Series Ignites Education Conversations in Six Cities

Launched in 2017, Beyond Education has been hosted in Cairo, Lagos, Johannesburg and Nairobi over the last two years, with Abuja, Accra and Kampala joining the conference circuit in 2019. The first conference this year took place in Nairobi, Kenya at the Sarova Panafric Hotel. The nearly 400 individuals that attended created a diverse cohort of students, parents, education consultants, teachers, and school heads, as well as employers and entrepreneurs. Over the course of the event, they heard from a variety of panelists, representing not only the Academy’s faculty and staff but also a variety of external organizations. The panel was moderated by Miriam Atuya ’09, an Analyst at Open Capital Advisors.

African Leadership Academy’s Dean, Hatim Eltayeb, and Director of Africa Careers Network Ayado Ewinyu, spoke about the academic programme at ALA, and the focus on traits of leadership which our students are developing in addition to course content. They explained how we aspire to accelerate the potential of each student, connecting them with their local communities to inspire and propel their growth and to keep them accountable. They were joined by Bradley Opere ’11, Analyst at McKinsey & Co, Wadzi Katsidzira, Managing Director at Taumba Advisory and Stacey Ondimu, Country Director at Moringa School, Kenya.

In Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria, ALA’s CEO, Chris Bradford and Director of Scholar Search and Selection for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, Suzanne Hunter were joined by alumni, Khadija Sanusi ’13 and Rima Tahini ’11 Senior Associate at Kupanda Capital and Director of A&R at Mavin Global in addressing curriculum innovation, university transition and network building through ALA.

Beyond Education Series Ignites Education Conversations in Six Cities

The final sessions of the 2019 Beyond Education conferences series will be held in Johannesburg, Kampala, and Accra in November. Join us!

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