To pull together again the pieces of our community and make something boldly new and beautiful but that also treasures our past. There will be newness: new faces, new rules to keep us safe but also new dreams and aspirations. To make it work, we will need kindness, curiosity and a willingness to hold each other accountable. We will need golden grains.

I invite each of us, students and staffulty alike, to spend some time over the next few months considering what gold we will each bring back with us to contribute to the repair of our community. This is not material gold, but spiritual gold. The golden grains of character, wit, knowledge, experience and joy. What was broken will become whole again and more beautifully so.

A final word of thanks goes to the faculty. Eight months ago something entirely new and unexpected came bearing down on us at unbelievable speed. I could not have asked for better colleagues with whom to weather this storm.

Rest well everyone.

Term 2 commences on 05 January 2021.