ALA Staffulty Recognized Globally as Changemakers on the Continent

ALA staffulty members are being recognized globally as changemakers on the continent and beyond for their outstanding work in this challenging year.

Oluwabusola “Busola” Majekodunmi has received two impressive awards this year. The first recognition came from her peers as she was awarded the “ALA Values Award” this year. The second was from her home country of Nigeria. Busola has been recognized by the Private Sector Advisory Group as one of the Forty Leading Ladies on the Sustainable Development Goals. The award is a recognition of the remarkable women who are playing a role in contributing to the attainment of the #SDGs. “The FLL initiative is designed to recognize the efforts of women across the public, private, and social sectors of society who continue to lend their voices to the achievement of the SDGs here in Nigeria, reminding us that gender is not a barrier and reinforce our commitment to a share goal of ‘Leaving no one behind’.
We congratulate Busola on this incredible recognition.

ALA Staffulty Recognized Globally as Changemakers on the Continent

As the Head of Partnerships for the Networks Team at ALA, Dr. Ayado Ewinyu works every day to create internship and job opportunities for ALA alumni. In early December, Dr. Ayado was nominated by the Society for Industrial & Organisational Psychology South Africa as a Practitioner of the Year. Impressed with her work and impact, the organization stated, “Her dedication to the youth employability space and shaping programs with global impact is notable and deserves recognition.”
Congratulations Dr. Ayado on this inspiring accolade.

ALA Staffulty Recognized Globally as Changemakers on the Continent

Although Dr. Ayobami Oduntun stepped down from her full-time role as the ALforHealth Sector Lead to pursue her medical career, it is no surprise that she has remained a prominent figure and role model in the ALA community. On December 3rd, Dr. Ayo participated in a panel lead by the Global Self Care Federation. Connected to the CEO of the Global Self Care Federation during her role at ALA, Dr. Ayo has continued to impress the global health community with her knowledge, experience and insights. During the panel, Dr. Ayo discussed the importance of and best practice for self-care in Africa.

“Perhaps for me, I hope that we can prioritize self-care in such a way that puts the people first. Each person needs to have control over their own health and should be empowered to do so using the appropriate policies. In doing so, context is extremely crucial, and contexts differ across the continent. “

Are you a changemaker like these three inspirational women?

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