E-Fest 2024: Ideas wey dey Change di World

ALA seeks to transform Africa by developing a powerful network of young leaders who will work together to address Africa’s greatest challenges. Our flagship Entrepreneurial Leadership program is part of the curriculum and is the engine for developing our students into trailblazers of the future.

In the first year, students are introduced to conceptual frameworks that challenge assumptions and introduce new ideas in both areas of study, skills that are elemental to successful leaders and entrepreneurs, values reinforcement, and personal growth through leadership coaching. The year culminates in the Original Idea for Development (OID) Incubator, where students bring to market ideas for change that align with their passions and skills. Students are placed in teams and spend six weeks using the human-centered design process to devise a new, original idea solving a pan-African grand challenge.

This unit culminates in “E-Fest,” where the top three selected ideas, chosen through a rigorous process, are presented to the community and external judges, and one winner is selected.

The 2024 E-Fest theme was Ideas wey dey Change di World / Likanisi Kobongisa Mokili.

E-Fest 2024: Top Three Teams

The top 3 teams presented their ideas to the community and external judges, who select the winning team. The top three teams were PJ Masks, Periodtt, and Green Home Harmony.

PJ Masks

PJ Masks proposes an innovative solution to bridge the educational gap for African youths aged 11-18.

PJ Masks identified the need for affordable and accessible education in 21st-century skills for youths in Africa between the ages of 11 and 18, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. The team’s proposed solution to this need is the creation of an interactive gamified platform operating in African indigenous languages to provide an inclusive education of both soft and technical skills. The platform will have engaging educational content, personalized AI assistants for blind children, and hands-on learning, teamwork, and socializing opportunities. It will also have helpful feedback and reflection opportunities for users to grow.


Periodtt aims to address period poverty in rural East Africa by empowering women through skills development.

Periodtt aims to tackle the underlying factors contributing to period poverty, such as insufficient education and financial resources to access feminine hygiene products. By focusing on East African women and girls, Periodtt aims to empower them by equipping them with vital skills and knowledge necessary to produce reusable sanitary pads utilizing sustainable, locally sourced materials. This comprehensive approach not only promotes proper menstrual hygiene practices but also offers a sustainable income-generating opportunity for these individuals. Through the sale of these affordable, high-quality products within their communities, women and girls can contribute to their local economies while simultaneously addressing the pressing issue of period poverty.

Green Home Harmony

Green Home Harmony addresses deforestation and environmental degradation in Africa by creating furniture from recycled tires.

Africa needs a reduction in deforestation rates to reduce the effect of climate change and soil degradation on the continent. Green Home Harmony offers a solution by recycling tires to use them instead of trees to make furniture. The product ensures environmental harmony and sustainability by sourcing tires from local suppliers, reducing air pollution, supporting sustainable practices, and preserving the earth for future generations. It also provides employment to local craftsmen and educates people about environmental problems.

After the presentations, the judges named Green Home Harmony, the winning team of E-Fest 2024. E-Fest would not have been a success without the invaluable guidance and support of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Faculty, who played a crucial role in every step of the journey.

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