Ssanyu Sematimba

Entrepreneurial Leadership Faculty

Ssanyu is a Ugandan-born Visual Communicator, raised in Johannesburg -South Africa, who believes in the application of innovative design thinking. Her understanding of design -thinking is that it is should be the inherent human ability to contextualize challenges, and then adapt solutions instinctively through processes of creative, unhindered rapid interaction. Varied solutions are therefore attainable with the application of the products and processes of design thinking.
Having completed her Honours in Visual Communication, that ignited her interests in Design Thinking cross-culturally, she realized the gap in curriculum development of applied Design Thinking and the tools thereof within the African academic space. Ssanyu is a firm believer that Design Thinking has the ability to break down barriers and serve as a universal language to communicate with all people, cross-culturally.

As an African visual communicator, her contribution would be an understanding of the distinct nature and identity of the African industry. As distinct as the Swiss and Bauhaus design movement is, an awareness of a similar footprint of what is distinctively African is marred. It is her quest to represent and bring to light the innovative and vibrant thinking that exists in Africa. She envisions working further in contributing to the implementation and re-designing curricular within the African context using the design thinking approach, to find relevant solutions for Africa.