Webster Magowo

Biology Faculty

Webster teaches AS and A level biology and supervise scientific research projects. Webster is part of the residential faculty and the advisory program at ALA mentoring 6 first year students on campus.

Webster’s role is to prepare portfolio plans, unit plans, lesson plans and deliver engaging AS and A level biology lessons to future leaders from different cultural and educational background. Webster also supervises scientific research projects.

Webster worked as a laboratory technician at ALA for more than 10 years. Under this role he prepared and supervised labs for biology, chemistry and physics investigations and experiments. Webster worked as a teaching assistant in the school of molecular and cell biology at the University of the Witwatersrand where he was involved in developing laboratory protocols for biotechnology experiments, preparing and supervising labs as well as delivering pre- and post lab lectures. Webster has worked for 9 years in the brewing industry initially as a laboratory technician then quality controller.