ALA’s Homecoming Spotlight: Trevor Kibet

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24 year-old Trevor Kibet left Karen, Nairobi at the young age of 16 in pursuit of building his skills, intellect and networks so that he would be able to come back one day and contribute in the development of Kenya and Africa.

His journey began back in 1994 as a curious young boy, wondering why Kenya was not as developed as other countries around the world. It was then that he decided to write a letter to the Minister of Finance and share some of his ideas about how to help improve the development of his country, and engage with young people in their own way to contribute in making a change.

Impressed by his letter, the Minister of Finance invited Trevor to the national budget address, and put Trevor in the public eye.

In 2010, Trevor made his way to ALA and, after graduating, relocated to France for his undergraduate in international relations. In 2017, he joined Oxford University where he aimed to complete his Masters in African Studies.

He has spent a significant part of his life overseas and has lived in five different countries in a span of eight years.

In 2018 he returned home, eager to play his part in bettering his country.

“Don’t forget where you come from, and of course, if you have the opportunity, try to come back and contribute in your own way.” Trevor says that there is still hope in the African continent that can be translated into positive change and economic growth.

“Africa’s biggest resource is its youth. Let us tap into it.”

Watch Trevor’s full interview from Chams Media Digital.

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