Imagining the Future of the ALA Curriculum

Our ALA 2023 Strategic Plan challenges us to step more fully into our leadership role in education as a “Learning, Innovating, Leading School.” With this in mind, we have spent the 2019-20 school year re-imagining the ALA curriculum such that it can better prepare our students for the challenges of our rapidly changing world.

On June 19, we brought the school year to a close with an all-community workshop focused on capturing and testing specific ideas that could enhance our academic program.

For the past 18 months, we have engaged in a series of activities guided by our strategic plan and supported by the accreditation protocol of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), and constant engagement with students, alumni, parents, staff and faculty to understand the greatest areas for strengthening our curriculum.

The all-community workshop afforded our Board of Trustees, Global Advisory Council and extended community to provide input into critical questions including the following:

  1. How can the ALA timetable be redesigned for more calm, coherence and success?
  2. How will ALA’s curriculum more explicitly respond to the African continent’s most pressing challenges and most salient opportunities?
  3. How can the ALA thesis evolve as a canvas for student autonomy and African excellence?
Imagining the Future of the ALA Curriculum
Imagining the Future of the ALA Curriculum
Imagining the Future of the ALA Curriculum

What is the ALA 2023 Strategy?

Over the past ten years, ALA has evolved from an audacious idea to a thriving institution with a passionate, diverse, and committed community. Our strategic planning process has affirmed our commitment to our founding hypothesis: that a deep investment in high-potential youth can unleash dramatic, transformational change. We have seen strong evidence in support of this hypothesis in our first decade. Our young leaders have demonstrated that they are able to imagine and implement solutions to pressing challenges across the continent – from the provision of education, to the delivery of healthcare, to the creation of jobs. As we build towards 2023 we will continue to grow by focusing on three strategic priorities: Win in the Marketplace, A Learning, Innovating, Leading School and Unleash the Network

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