ALforEducation’s Growth Lab Set to Bolster Young Edupreneurs’ Potential

Our ALforEducation network continues to develop the next generation of leaders in education in Africa through the Edupreneur Growth Lab 2021. The program is offered in partnership with Future Fund for Education (FFE), an initiative that invests financial and intellectual capital into some of Africa’s most impactful education entrepreneurs.

The Edupreneur Growth Lab is a 6-week virtual workshop for high-potential African education entrepreneurs who have established a promising organization and want to increase their impact. The program focuses on capacity building in education, management, strategic planning, and fundraising.

ALforEducation and FFE share a common mission and long track record of thought partnership. “We have shared ideas and resources in the past, but we are now working closely on this initiative. We are excited to collaborate with a group that the founders of FFE have known for over a decade and that has tremendous domain expertise and knowledge of the continent”,  shared FFE Executive Director Noella Moshi. With this close collaboration, the program is able to serve a wider pipeline of education entrepreneurs on the continent, who will ensure that all Africans can maximize their potential and live meaningful, purpose-driven lives.

ALforEducation believes that leadership is the key to the transformation of Africa’s education sector. The Edupreneur Growth Lab invests in high talent edupreneurs on the continent to support them in taking their organizations to the next level. FFE brings expertise in entrepreneurship and investment and customized mentorship/support, which powerfully complements ALA’s knowledge of the education sector in Africa. The virtual space accelerates opportunities for collaborative interactions between the participants, ALA, and FFE – fostering maximum development for each of the participants.

By the end of the program, participants will have:

  • Learned to describe their business model concisely and holistically;
  • Learned to align their mission and values with their day-to-day leadership;
  • Learned to put impact goals at the center of their daily activities by measuring what matters;
  • Learned to detail cost and revenue assumptions to plan realistically for the future;
  • Learned to communicate with investors in a way that maximizes opportunities and expands networks; and
  • Learned how to create and communicate a concise strategy.

Growth Lab also offers participants the opportunity to attend plenaries with African edupreneurs and education leaders as well as access to lifelong opportunities through ALA’s education network. Noella remarked: ”Growth Lab is a practical, output-oriented experience for education entrepreneurs. During the six weeks, we will teach the fundamentals – providing the modular building blocks that are essential for growing any education organization. After  Growth Lab, edupreneurs will not only have picked up a new set of tools but will also have insights from their peers and mentors, giving them multiple lenses through which to view the big hairy problems they face.”

Jihad Hajjouji ‘08, the Program Lead for ALforEducation, will co-facilitate the program with Noella Moshi. She adds: “I’m excited by the prospect of having edupreneurs from all over the continent come together over these 6 weeks to learn what it takes to take their organizations to the next level. Growing your organization in reach and quality is not an easy feat, but the first step is to learn what it takes to do that. This knowledge of what growth entails is what we promise our edupreneurs as part of this program.”


Applications for Growth Lab are open until 4 June 2021. We would love to receive your application and/or your recommendations for suitable applicants. Apply to the program if you:

  • Are already transforming education in their home communities.
  • Have plans to double or triple their impact in the next 1-3 years.
  • Would benefit from access to capacity-building support in education, management, strategic planning, and fundraising.

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