Hatim Eltayeb Appointed Chief Executive of the Academy

1 September 2022. ALA’s Board of Trustees announced today that Hatim Eltayeb will take the reins as ALA’s Chief Executive Officer.

A native of Sudan, Eltayeb has been a part of the ALA community since 2009, when he joined the African Studies faculty. In 2016, he was appointed Dean of the Academy, overseeing all aspects of the Academy’s two-year diploma program. Under his leadership, the Academy has expanded its enrollment and strengthened its curriculum for the development of future leaders.

“Hatim is a tremendous leader and educator,” said Chris Bradford, Chairperson of the Academy’s Board of Trustees. “He brings pan-African perspective, institutional memory, and characteristic enthusiasm to his work at the Academy.”

Eltayeb is a graduate of Harvard University (AB) and the Teachers College of Columbia University (MA). In addition to his experience at ALA, he was the founder of an education company based in Egypt called Symposium. He has represented ALA in a wide range of global forums and is highly regarded by educators and school leaders across the world.

Eltayeb succeeds Ms Bilha Ndirangu, who resigned from her position to pursue new career opportunities. The Board of Trustees expresses its gratitude to Ndirangu for her leadership during her tenure as CEO, which sees ALA well prepared for the future.

Uzo Agyare-Kumi returns as Dean of the Academy

Uzo Agyare-Kumi
Dean of the Academy Uzoamaka Agyare-Kumi


With Eltayeb serving as Chief Executive, Uzo Agyare-Kumi will return to ALA as Dean of the Academy for the year ahead. Our Dean Emeritus, Uzo served as Dean of the Academy from 2014 to 2016 before building ALA’s Global Programs and DeJen Parents Association. She is also the author of the Anzisha Prize’s course for parenting young entrepreneurs’ called Parenting the Boss.

Prior to joining ALA, Uzo served as the Head of Tema International School in Ghana. “Each day, Uzo demonstrates a profound depth of commitment to our mission and vision, and few people understand ALA as fully or care as much about the development of every young person in our care,” said Bradford. “We are grateful to Uzo for her return as Dean this year, and we know the joy she brings to our campus.”


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