Mary Fox

Dean's Office Administrator

Mary’s role is to ensure that exemplary and exceptional operational support is provided to the Deans Office and provide assistance / act as an information resource to other departments necessary for the success of the Two Year Diploma programme i.e. Faculty / Teaching Staff, Finance Office, Parent Engagement, University Guidance and Wellness.

Mary’s role includes leading operational initiatives to implement viable solutions thus improving the effectiveness of the Deans Office to provide assistance and support to the entire ALA community. She also serves as the primary liaison between the Dean’s office and all other divisions and departments of the academy, as well as, selected external bodies.

Prior to ALA, Mary worked as the Senior Admissions Co-ordinator for the Academic Programmes division at Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) and was responsible for managing the overall administration and co-ordination of the admissions function, ensuring that a high quality of service was delivered to both prospective and current students pursuing their MBA or Postgraduate Diplomas. Prior to GIBS, Mary worked at Monash South Africa and gained experience within Examination administration, Academic Services and Student Enrolments. Mary has gained transferable skills which ensures she is capable of producing quality work and adding value within any department she may be placed.