Outstanding ALA Students Receive Cambridge International Examinations Distinctions

Outstanding ALA Students Receive Cambridge International Examinations Distinctions
University of Cambridge International Examinations is delighted to announce the winners of the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for South Africa and again African Leadership Academy is one of the top performing schools. The awards celebrate the outstanding academic achievements of secondary school learners in South Africa in the June and November 2010 Cambridge examination sessions.
Last year, Five ALA students placed in the top ranks of their respective exam scores. Of the 44 students who attained the highest marks in South Africa this past year, eight attend ALA. Also, one ALA student was awarded a “High Achievement” award, based on outstanding performance in subjects that are not widely taken. Learners who have achieved the total highest cumulative marks across a number of subjects will also celebrate their achievements. The winning learners out-performed thousands of candidates worldwide who sat examinations in Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS and A Level subjects, so it is a tremendous achievement.
For International A Level exams, Oladipupo Oluwole Fasawe (writing Biology, June 2010), Shadrack Kioi Kiratu (both Chemistry and Physics, June 2010), Ifedolapo Ayoyinka Omiwole (Economics, June 2010), Muhadia Marie Shabaya (Literature in English, June 2010) all scored the highest marks in their topics in South Africa, with Rumbidzai Gondo (History, June 2010) receiving a “High Achievement” distinction, meaning that not enough students wrote the exam to allow for the awarding of a “Top Score” distinction.
Also, Oladipupo Oluwole Fasawe came in second in South Africa for combined grades across three or more subjects.
For Cambridge International AS Level exams, Grace Wanjiru Ngige (Literature in English, June 2010), Courage James Matiza (History, June 2010), and Olamide Monioluwa Aladesuru (Literature in English, November 2010) placed top in South Africa.
These outstanding results are recognised by employers and universities around the world as proof of academic excellence.
Mark Barber, Senior Schools Development Manager, South Africa says, “A great deal of hard work and dedication from the learners, as well as support from their schools and families are behind these awards. Cambridge qualifications develop independent learners, and prepare young people for success in their further studies and beyond. These learners have a bright future ahead of them, and I wish them well.”

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