African Leadership Academy’s Global Scholars Program is facilitated by a team made up of educators from around the world, members of ALA’s Entrepreneurial Leadership faculty, and ALA alumni. This combination results in a unique leadership camp experience that enriches all participants. Equally unique is GSP’s Educator Program, an enriching model of educational development that facilitates the sharing of knowledge, skills and resources within ALA’s growing leadership community network.

Aided by staff and alumni, GSP educators are responsible for organising, leading, and implementing curricular programs and experiences for campers that focus on ALA’s core values (Integrity, Compassion, Curiosity, Diversity, Humility, Excellence) and its Pillars of Leadership; providing a powerful force through which the global change makers learn.

Both GSP and its Educator Program offers immeasurable value to participants.

See how educators and alumni benefit from our unique team-teaching model and read on to discover…


Jonas Mofa

Administration Manager at Dewey International School of Applied Science, Douala, Cameroon

“GSP’s Educator Program has been a deep, very enriching experience. I’m involved in leading other youth groups back home so I have some understanding of this, but I’ve gotten to learn more about leadership, and learnt from ALA’s academic content. It’s challenging, because you need the time to process the content, and deliver…”

What is your takeaway from GSP?

GSP is very professional; the BUILD model they use is very practical and can be applied in every context one finds oneself. It’s real; it addresses real situations. I see GSP as a step further to achieving skills as leader and entrepreneur.

What, to you is the secret of GSP’s success?

Teamwork. We’ve been able to collaborate with other teams, support each other, communicate effectively… And hard work: takes a lot of work to organise this, with participants from different cultures, and directing activities is very challenging. Also, the purpose of the camp, educators working together, encouraging one another – there’s definite dynamism.

What has leading GSP camps taught you?

Empathy, and secondly, to approach situations with the minds of a beginner; the highlight for me is learning and teaching problem solving skills – and the ability to exercise empathy.

I have amassed a huge amount of resources, lesson plans that are invaluable tools I can use and build on.’

Kallan K. Wood

Literature teacher at Grace Church School, New York City

“I’ve always been involved in some sort of leadership initiative over the years, but have not partaken in any camp since early college. As a teacher one of the things that has been really important for me is building up flexibility in terms of working in a different context; teaching is so mobile and transferable; but often teachers are only working in their classroom. For students, the emphasis is on stretching themselves and what that means intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically – and at GSP it’s done really well. We are given the conceptual framework in class, then the practical application at camp; and the way it is structured is definitely one of the strengths of GSP.

What has leading camps taught you?

On a practical level, going through the training has given me a whole lot of curricula to take back and use in my own teaching – the BUILD lesson plans will be easy to add into my literature classes. I have amassed a huge amount of resources, lesson plans that are invaluable tools I can use and build on. That’s great. On a bigger, personal level, it has been a very affirming process for me; I’ve always been open to finding ways to combine my professional life with travel, and this experience has affirmed that I followed that trajectory, that allowed me this opportunity.

I have made up my mind to implement the BUILD model in every activity, in every part of my life – personal and career. I’ll make sure it’s part of my planning, my lessons, and teach it to my students.’

Evrard Raoul Koko Tonye

Cambridge Language and Literature teacher at ENKO International School, Cameroon

“This is my second GSP camp: last year, I was an educator on the Explore program, this year I’m working with Engage. It’s the first leadership camp I’ve led, though I did assign somebody to our school last year to teach leadership skills, with the focus on communication; it was a Saturday workshop program that ran over two to three months. I’ve done a lot of research on camps when looking for the best camp to connect with, and GSP is outstanding. It’s Entrepreneurial Leadership model makes it unique – and the passion for Africa that they try to create, by showing kids the richness and history of Africa with safaris, trips to the apartheid museum… It gives them an understanding of what it means to be an African. That’s what makes this program unique. That, and the end goal: they actually want participants to Connect. I love that they’re also targeting the development of Africa for Africans.

What is a program highlight for you?

I think the highlight is the program itself. GSP is about taking aspects of ALA’s Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum, and teaching it to participants. And by the exploration of Africa through SA, they’re creating passion for Africa.

What has leading GSP camps taught you?

A lot of things – most important is the BUILD tool; I have made up my mind to implement it in every activity in every part of my life – personal and career. I’ll make sure it’s part of my planning, my lessons, and teach it to my students. I’ve also learnt what it is to be an entrepreneur … and I have been inspired by the GSP lesson on Project Canvas that we worked on; I want to take it back home, and start an after-school program that will start with supporting students studying our National Curriculum and International Curricula. As we move on we shall include some Leadership and Entrepreneurship classes, in partnership with ALA.

A Global Partnership

Over the past six years, teachers from several leading educational institutions have participated in our Educator Program. Apart from our sister institution, African Leadership University, Rwanda and African Leadership University, Mauritius, ALA is proud of our association with:

• Alpha Beta (Accra, Ghana)

• Buckingham Browne & Nichols School (Massachusetts, USA)

• Children International School (Lagos, Nigeria)

• Dewey International School of Applied Sciences (Doula, Cameroon)

• Ecole Ruban Vert (Libreville, Gabon)

• Enko Bonanjo International School (Doula, Cameroon)

• Grace Church School (New York, USA)

• Greensprings School (Lagos, Nigeria)

• Jumpstart Academy (Lagos, Nigeria)

• Lutholi Junior Secondary School (Mthata, South Africa)

• Oxbridge Tutorial College (Lagos, Nigeria)

• Rainbow International School (Kampala, Uganda)

• St Andrews Episcopal School (Texas, USA)

• The Regent College (Abuja, Nigeria)

WATCH the video below for further insights into GSP’s Educator Program from previous participants…

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