ALA DeJen Parents Association hosts Parents Weekend

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The Academy was proud to host a strong network of parents over a 2-day gathering of academic celebration and social connection.

The ALA DeJen Parents Association provides parents with the opportunity to connect to the Academy and to each other, while building traditions and fostering student and alumni engagement.

Uzo Agyare-Kumi, Dean Emeritus and Founding Chair of DeJen: Parents Association welcomed parents as they waited in anticipation to see their children and meet our educators, “Remember to keep an open mind and simply to be. Observe your children. I want you to see the light in their eyes and to see them for who they are – young leaders trying the best that they can be.”

ALA DeJen Parents Association hosts Parents Weekend

Parents from all over the continent – Sudan, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa connected with each other and were impressed by the standard of learning that takes place at ALA, complimenting faculty and staff on being outstanding enablers.

They came out of classes with a bit more understanding of a why ALA is important to their child, why their child is transforming, and what they must do to support that.

Parents also took away that they need to learn more about themselves. Many felt that the need to listen more and not to assume that they have all the answers. They understood the importance of letting go and allowing their child to take control of their life.

‘It’s not an easy thing for a parent to do,” says Uzo, “but it’s important. Students demonstrated in many active forms such as ushers, entertainers, selling merchandise and speakers. Parents saw their children taking control of the narrative and sharing their thoughts on important topics that affect our continent.”

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the parents who had attended Parents Weekend. It was enriching to be surrounded be so much unconditional love and admiration.

Learn more about the ALA DeJen Parents Association here.

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